All Sorts-Uno

The cross of a church overlooking the ocean, Santorini island.
a bunch of people dancing to music by the likes of glenn miller on a square. (Hamburg)

a lady with her beads in the courtyard of a temple. (Taipei)
a red votive candle burning the courtyard of a temple. (Taipei)
a young man in a pensive mood among the blocks of the Holocaust Memorial. (Berlin)
A pigeon in Melbourne ready to order.
Second-hand furniture up for grabs on a street in Istanbul.
Tables awaiting customers on a side-street in Cape Town.
Three birds in different stages of flight.
Turkey Independence Day celebrations (circa 2002) by some high school students in Istanbul.
a man speaking in hyde park, London.
The moon and lights on in an office block.
Jose Luis between some light bulbs.
Readers’ Corner? Three people in Copenhagen what you rarely see these days: reading books instead of something on their phones.
A block of apartments in Besiktas, Istanbul, at night.
Two boys in Jeddah posing for me.
A duck and her brood on a pond in Hamburg.
The Champs Elysee, as seen from The Arc de Triomphe.
Parent of the Year?
A handrail in Cape Town.
The Australian flag (shooting the breeze)
A glorious sunset as seen from my front door.
Some food for thought on a door in Observatory, Cape Town
A park in Paris
A chair on a beach in Marmaris, Turkey.
Ahmed, with his ghutra (the saudi head gear) blowing in the wind.
Jorge in his 70s retro look.
Some dry weeds with a blue window frame in the background
Morning dew on some leaves
Street Photography 101 in Munich
Branching out
A small anti-Israel demonstration in Cape Town.
Greek parliamentary guards walking down a street.
Rickshaws adorned with plastic flowers and dolls in Melacca, Malaysia, waiting for customers.
A young Danish girl in deep thought.
A prescient man in Hyde Park, photographed in July 2002?
Statues of the Buddha draped in yellow.
A shack behind some paddy fields in Kanchanaburri, Thailand.
Thick incense sticks in Kuala Lumpur.
Vincent, a demonstrator against government corruption in Cape Town, with his face painted black.
Munich might be landlocked, but that does not stop surfing enthusiasts using a river running through the city to sharpen their skills.
A lady curious about the going-ons on the Plaza de Mayor in Madrid below her apartment.
Washing being dried on lines between decrepit apartment buildings in Tarlabasi, Istanbul.
Announcing the demise of the human rights icon and former South African president
African politics=monkey business? (painted on a wall around a school in Cape Town)
A colourful wall bedecked in artistic portraits in Observatory, Cape Town.
A coon with his face painted in the colours of his troupe, Cape Town.
Like gossamer, a vine creeps along the wall around a house in Kas, Turkey.
Proselytisation on the streets of Berlin.
The inside of a church dome in Prague.
Park Si
A monk with his alms bowl on the streets of Taipei.
Swans and other feathered friends in Prague, with St Charles Bridge in the background.
Al-Balat, the historic section in Jeddah.
A wall covered in mildew, in GeorgeTown, Malaysia
A scooter outside an abandoned house on Rodos (Rhodes island)
A huge white pot on white pebbles against an azure body of water, this can only be Greece (Santorini).
The moon ending its night shift over Antalya, Turkey.
Trees in the mist in Gulhane Park, Istanbul
A house with lots of windows in the Green Village, Copenhagen.
A mural dedication in Istanbul.
A sketch artist in Hamburg.
A man walking through a park in Madrid.
A vintage car
Ricky and Simon (in Taipei)
Solomon, a Ghanan cobbler in Cape Town
Mahmoud in the tradition Saudi outfit
Mehmet (on a bed)
Abdulaziz (aka “Azooz”)
back off!
cat in a case
Mohammed bin Adnan
An aquaduct in Montpellier
A surfer in Munich
The Hagia Sofia lit up at night
A lady listening either attentively or disapprovingly to a speaker in Hyde Park.
A glorious and fiery sunset in Jeddah.
Vernon (outside interestingly painted bathrooms in a restaurant in Cape Town)
Marc (in a park in Prague) on his phone
Trees and their reflections in the Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Singapore
A Buddhist devotee saying her prayers in Taipei
A squirrel with a nut in the Company Gardens in Cape Town
Ladies surrounded by shopping bags
The sun going down over Ora, Santorini
A magnificent sunset outside Moorreesburg, South Africa
Houses on Smyrna island, Greece
A wall and shutters of a house on Rodos (Rhodes Island) in need of some upkeep.
Maverick (5 or 6 years old)
Rusty and abandoned bicycles in George Town, Malaysia
A friendly and smiling young boy outside a temple in Taipei
Small fish huddling in clear water under a boat on Smyrna
A white cottage in rural South Africa
Reflections of beams overhead
Lady in black
Columns and their shadows
A Beetle’s bug-like headlights
A chair and its afternoon shadow
A female surfer in Munich
Mahmoud walking in Al-Balat, the historic part of Jeddah.
Vernon outside the colour toilet doors for men and women in a restaurant on Long Street, Cape Town.
A hot air balloon blending in with the sun as it sets over Stockholm
People crossing the main street in Melbourne
A young Zimbabwean migrant worker in Cape Town
Saudi boys playing football in the street in Jeddah
Aluminium balls on string in an art exhibition in Jeddah
A lady walking through the old part of Stockholm
Cats licking and staring
A yacht leaving Ora, Santorini
Umit Guven
Rasheed in chains
Hundreds of padlocks attached by lovers to a footbridge in Frankfurt.